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Job - F/T Senior Pastor - College First Church of God - Findlay, OH - GLC

College First Church of God in Findlay, OH invites candidates to apply for the open position of
Lead Pastor. The job description and details are as follows:

Job Summary
The Lead Pastor is the spiritual leader of the congregation who has the Biblical
responsibility for leading the ministry and mission of the church and extending God’s
kingdom in compliance with God’s Word.


  1. Team Leader
    1. Invest in and develop the staff team.
    2. Create an environment of family on mission within the staff.
    3. Provide strategic and administrative oversight of church staff.
    4. Assist staff in problem-solving, goal-setting, and decision-making.
    5. Oversee human resourcing tasks in cooperation with the Elders and Office Manager
  2. Strategic Leadership and Planning
    1. Cast vision and provide directional leadership which unifies the church in
      pursuing its mission and living out its core values.
    2. Partner with staff and lay leaders to ensure staffing, facilities, system, practices,
      and programs appropriately and effectively support the ministry and meet
      strategic goals.
    3. Provide counsel and direction in the financial functions of the church.
    4. Measure and monitor progress; respond through celebration and recommended
  3. Lead and Develop Leaders
    1. Identify leadership potential and provide training, opportunities to serve, and
    2. Provide support and direction to the Elders and church Council, and advise
      individual commissions, committees and organizations as necessary.
  4. Lead the Teaching Team
    1. Preach relevant, Biblical messages approximately 40 weeks each year.
    2. Lead the teaching team in designing a teaching calendar that will support the
      mission and vision of College First, and ensure a balance of consistency and
    3. Raise up potential teachers, developing them and providing opportunities for
  5. Pastoral Care and Shepherding
    1. Work with the ministry and support staff to create and sustain caring networks
      throughout the church family.
    2. Support and promote the internal and external care ministries of the congregation
      (absentee follow-up, card & flower ministries, elder care, food & clothing banks,
      prayer chain, recovery groups, sick and shut-in, general visitation, etc.).
    3. Work in conjunction with the elders to minister to the spiritual needs of the people
      and families of the church.
    4. Visit with individuals and families as may be needed or requested.
  6. Outreach to Community and Beyond
    1. Pursue a movement of missionaries within College First – everyone is a
    2. Develop and maintain relationships with other local churches and the community.
    3. Promote the work of the Gospel beyond Findlay.
  7. Network for Kingdom Impact
    1. Support the ministries of the Great Lakes Conference and Churches of God,
      General Conference.
    2. Help College First become an equipping center for other churches.
    3. Serve as the College First liaison to the University of Findlay and Winebrenner
      Theological Seminary.

The Lead Pastor must be ordained or meet the requirements for ordination by the Great
Lakes Conference and will be or become a member of College First Church of God.

Training and Support
Extensive reading and continuing educational opportunities are encouraged and
underwritten by the budget.

Length of Service
The vocational relationship may be terminated by either the Elders and church Council or
the Lead Pastor with sixty days’ written notice.

The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Elders and the church Council. The performance
of the Lead Pastor will be evaluated by the Elders annually.

Candidates should submit a cover letter, copy of their resume, and written response to candidate
questions (see below) to the Search Committee using the following email address:

Candidate Questions

  1. Give us a brief summary of your journey of faith and following Jesus.
  2. Do you affirm the CGGC’s doctrinal statement found in WE BELIEVE?
    ( If not, is there anything you would change,
    modify or add?
  3. Give some examples of your ability to manage and lead teams with particular
    attention given to your experience with managing church staffs.
  4. Give a brief summary of your philosophy of ministry and how it guides your
    approach to leading a local church body.
  5. What skills, strengths and aspects of your personality profile will enhance the
    ministry of College First Church of God?
  6. What demonstrable evidence from your past provides you with the experience
    necessary for this role?
  7. Why are you interested in this position?

Job - P/T Chaplain Spiritual Care – St. Rita's Medical Center - Mercy Health, Lima, OH

Mercy Health St. Rita's Medical Center

Mercy Health - St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima, Ohio is looking to fill a part-time chaplain position. The position is open to both pastors and seminary students who have little to no experience as a hospital chaplain. Accepted applicants will go through a process of job shadowing, training on Living Will and Power of Attorney forms, and other training to prepare them for the work.

St. Rita’s is a Roman Catholic institution, but applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of denominational affiliation. St. Rita’s has hired a number of Winebrenner Theological Seminary graduates in the past for Chaplain roles and has an ongoing connection with the seminary.  

Chaplains are expected to provide:

  • General spiritual and emotional care
  • Sacramental ministries
  • Spiritual assistance in emergency situations
  • Support in ethical decision making
  • Provide and explain Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney forms
  • Contact a patients place of worship or pastor

Learn more about St. Rita’s here:

For more information, or to submit a resume, please contact Chaplain Joe Thomas.

Phone: 419-788-1364


Job - F/T Worship and Family Pastor – Mt Carroll Church of God, Mt Carroll, IL – MRC

Worship and Family Pastor - Mt Carroll Church of God

Mt Carroll Church of God is looking to add a Worship and Family Pastor. The right candidate for the position will first and foremost have a heart for Jesus. With a deep desire for others to come to know Jesus. The right candidate will have the ability to build up teams and equip others to serve Jesus within there own unique skill sets.

Compensation - $35-40,000 +/- depending on experience.

General - Assist the Pastor in leading the church to function as the hands and feet of Jesus, with specific responsibility for the Worship and Family Ministries. The staff member is directly supervised by the senior pastor. This is a full time job and will require a minimum of 40 hours per week. He must work in harmony with the pastor, the elders, and the overall church family.

This job description is not exhaustive and will require the staff member to conduct other duties as assigned and with in there gifting. If/When this job description needs updating, the Pastor and the Elders Personnel Committee should be informed so appropriate revisions may be recommended to the church for approval.

Family Pastor 

  • Help develop different family outreach events with in the community.  Develop training events for Volunteers and Parents.
  • Visit and connect with families in the church.
  • Enlist, train, and support volunteers.
  • Help with AWANA during the school year.
  • Fill the pulpit as needed.


  • Lead worship Sunday mornings.
  • Work with different established worship teams in the church.
  • Enlist, train and support volunteers.
  • Must have understanding of ProPresenter

Send your resume to: 

For more information, please visit: 

Mt Carroll Website

Job - F/T - Senior Pastor - Crossroads Community Church - Sullivan, IN - MRC

Apply Here

Job Description:

NOTE: This job description, as has been developed by the Pastor Search Team, is provided for potential Lead Pastor candidates with the understanding that there will be a review of this job description with the Lead Pastor after the first year of ministry at Crossroads Community Church (hereinafter referred to as “the Church”).

QUALIFICATIONS: Seminary degree or Bachelor's degree in religious studies preferred. Is or can become ordained through the Churches of God Midwest Region.


  • The Lead Pastor shall provide overall leadership in order to achieve the Mission and Vision of the Church. The Lead Pastor works collaboratively with the Elders, Deacons, pastoral, and church staff.
  • The Lead Pastor, in dependence on the Holy Spirit, will lead with a focus to equip the Elders, Deacons, staff, and the congregation to do the work of ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13)


  • Preaching of God’s Word and Sunday Worship
    • Acts as the major preaching/teaching voice for the Church, giving the necessary time in prayer and preparation in order to be an effective instrument of God.
      • May assign, as needed, preaching to other staff pastors, guest speakers, and international workers.
    • Pastoral Leadership with Church Staff
      • Leads the church staff (pastoral and administrative) in planning, administering, and evaluating their ministry leadership and activities in order to fulfill the specific purposes of their ministries.
      • Leads a weekly staff meeting for prayer, planning, and general discussion.
      • Ensures that the ministry focus, job description, and performance of the church staff is supported with healthy supervision and review.
      • Serves as the key representative of the church staff to the Church Leadership Team (Elders and Deacons) and vice-versa.
    • Leadership and Supervision of Ministry Programs
      • The Lead Pastor is responsible for the efficient and harmonious operation of all church ministry programs ensuring that both pastoral and lay leaders are effectively equipped for the work of ministry.
    • Pastoral and Congregational Care
      • The Lead Pastor shall, in partnership with the Leadership Team, ensure that the congregation is shepherded and cared for including visitation, counseling, hospitality, discipleship, weddings and funerals, church membership and baptism, and crisis care.
      • The Lead Pastor shall ensure that the Elders, Deacons, staff, and any gifted lay leaders are equipped to provide effective congregational care.
      • The Lead Pastor shall take adequate time each week to study scripture, books, periodicals, and other resources to stay informed on matters of ministry and spiritual leadership.
      • The Lead Pastor shall play an active and visible role in the local and county community.
    • Administration
      • The Lead Pastor, in cooperation with the Executive Pastor, manages church administrative and organizational functions in a coordinated and orderly manner, adjusting as required and advising the Leadership Team accordingly.
      • The Lead Pastor shall oversee the selection, supervision, and discipline of church staff. The Lead Pastor shall also oversee the dismissal of church staff, in cooperation with the Leadership Team if deemed necessary.
    • Example to the Congregation
      • Models the Christian life and commitment to Christ, a Christian marriage, and family life.
      • Gives strong emphasis to personal discipleship, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines.
      • Models a healthy balance of ministry and family life.


  • The Lead Pastor is accountable to God, the Church, and the congregation as a whole.
  • The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Leadership Team to fulfill the requirements of full-time leadership through the requirements of this job description.
  • The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Churches of God Midwest Region. The Lead Pastor shall ensure adherence to both local church and denominational policies.
  • The Lead Pastor and/or staff members shall attend the Churches of God Midwest Region annual conference.
  • The Lead Pastor shall have authority to make certain financial or staffing commitments on behalf of the church, provided they are within prior established budget categories, guidelines, or specific projects as has been approved by the Leadership Team. No authority may be granted to commit to capital expenditures even though budgeted, without prior approval from the Leadership Team.
  • The Lead Pastor’s job description will be reviewed annually. The Lead Pastor may suggest changes to the job description to the Leadership Team at any time.

To Apply for Lead Pastor Role

Please submit a cover letter and resume, along with the information below, to Crossroads Pastor Search Team Lead, Jordan Orwig, at

  • Name
  • How did you come to know Jesus?
  • What led you to apply to this lead pastor role?
  • Briefly describe your pastoral experience.
  • Briefly describe your educational background.

Visit the website!

Job - F/T - Senior Pastor - Newburg First Church of God - Newburg, PA

The Newburg First Church of God is located in rural South-Central Pennsylvania just minutes from Shippensburg. We are a multigenerational family church focused on bible study, missional outreach, and fruitful ministries. We need a discipling leader to come alongside, enable, and send lay leaders and paid staff into ministry. Our senior pastor should be doctrinally sound, an expositor, leader, and evangelist.

Our worship attendance is approximately 220 when combining our 2 Sunday morning services. We offer a thriving Wednesday night program and multiple lay lead ministries in rural Cumberland County PA.

If you have an interest or you need further information, please contact Pastor Dave Williams (717-805-6027, ) or Pastor Mike Poe (717-462-6281, ) for more information.

Job - F/T Pastor - Circuit: Olive Branch Church of God - Sugar Ridge Church of God - Van Wert, OH - GLC

Circuit: Olive Branch and Sugar Ridge Churches of God

Olive Branch and Sugar Ridge are looking are two distinct churches in the Churches of God General Conference denomination that are looking for one full time pastor. We have been part of a pastor circuit for many years and our congregations work well together and are always seeking new opportunities to bring Christ to our shared communities. 

Our objective as we move forward is to win new people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives and build relationships as we grow our church family.

We are looking for a pastor who is:

  • Relational and able to inspire our church family to be disciples for Christ.
  • Willing to support church functions, ministries, and missions held by our church and community.
  • Truthfully present the Word of God on a regular basis to teach, encourage, comfort, guide, and challenge all members of the congregation to live out their faith daily.
  • Spend regular time in study and prayer
  • Provide leadership, communication, and guidance in the everyday functioning of Olive Branch (attendance at Church Board Meetings, Great Lakes Conferences, ministerial meetings, VBS, concerts, programs, dinners held at church; etc.)
  • Provide pastoral care to our sick, elderly, or grieving.
  • Work collaboratively with the church members to expand outreach to the community and beyond

About Olive Branch Church of God

Located in the state of Ohio at 18568 State Route 118 North is the small country church of Olive Branch Church of God nestled between the two small villages of Rockford and Ohio City. Established over 100 years ago in a predominately farming community, its congregation developed a strong and independent nature with a love of God and a steadfastness in faithfulness at its core.  Maintaining the small-town feel and rural charm, the members of Olive Branch are friendly, hard-working, dedicated individuals who are committed to serving God and those in need.  At this time, we are excited to begin our search for a new leader who will inspire and guide us in our journey of faith as we magnify and praise the Lord; who will partner with us to expand and develop outreach ministries to win new people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives; and who will prepare them for the future by meeting their spiritual, social, and physical needs.  

About Sugar Ridge Church of God

Sugar Ridge church is located in the heart of Convoy, Ohio. The church consists of a sanctuary, nursery, and fellowship hall. Our building is handicap accessible and is equipped with a generator to provide shelter during a community crisis. 
We are a multi-generational congregation who has been established for over 125 years. We provide Sunday School, worship, Bible Buckeyes, Children’s Church, Community VBS, weekly Bible Studies, and we support various missions including a yearly trip to the Henderson Settlement. Our average Sunday attendance is 20+.
We look forward to hearing from you! May God bless and direct your ministry!

If interested in becoming part of our church family, please contact and send resumes to:
-Great Lakes Conference Churches of God Director, Dr. David Odegard:  
-Sugar Ridge Board President, Tyler Gibson:

Job - P/T Pastor - First Pine Grove Church of God - Newport, PA - ERC

1st Pine Grove Church of God

The 1st Pine Grove Church of God at 2041 Newport Rd., Newport, PA in the beautiful rural setting of Perry County, PA, is seeking a part-time pastor.  With an average attendance is 15-20, our church is seeking a pastor who is available for Sunday morning services, our outreach programs, and special services. The pastor will lead special services, perform baptisms, baby dedications, weddings, funerals, communion, feet washing and visitations at homes and illness in hospitals.

The appropriate candidate will have a strong Biblical background and presence in the pulpit.  He/she will work with and maintain a good relationship with the council. The candidate must be willing to be licensed or ordained and approved for ministry by the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God and General Conference. Interested candidates should send their resume, including at least 3 pastoral references to Pastor George Jensen ( ) or Pastor Mike Poe ( ). 

Job - F/T Senior Pastor - First Church of God - Columbia City, IN - MRC

First Church of God is searching for a Senior Pastor to oversee the total ministry of the church. This person will shepherd the congregation with humility, boldness, and clear vision. The Senior Pastor’s leadership will inspire passion in the church as the congregation is encouraged and discipled under their guidance.

Apply here:

Job - F/T Executive Director - Eastern Regional Conference - Wormleysburg, PA - ERC



Position Qualifications

  1. The required qualifications for the Executive Director:
  2. Has been a Christian for at least seven (7) years.
    1. Possesses biblical knowledge consistent with a life of discipleship and spending regular time in God’s word.
    2. Has an active and vibrant devotional life consisting of prayer and worship.
    3. Is an active member of a local church.
  3. Holds a personal theological position that is biblical and compatible with the We Believe statement of the CGGC and the practices of the ERC.
    1. Has taken or will take CGGC History and Polity.
    2. Understands our presbyterial form of government and will work within it.
    3. Is or will become a member of an Eastern Regional Church of God.
  4. Demonstrates personal integrity and good moral character, and evidences a life transformed by the


  1. Demonstrates the qualities of an overseer as outlined in 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  2. Evidences an understanding of the fear of the Lord and knowledge of God in deliberations and decisions (Prov 2:5).
  3. Exemplifies the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
  4. Has a teachable spirit.
  5. Is able to be transparent, values accountability, and being surrounded by a network of co-laborers.
  6. Has a mature self-understanding and can clearly articulate their calling.
  7. Has demonstrated leadership and relational skills necessary to the responsibilities outlined below.
  8. Is a strong communicator, able to speak with compassion and willing to listen to and receive criticism/advice (Col 4:6; James 1:19).
  9. Has a heart for the unity and community of God’s Church (Eph 2:13-14; 4:13).
  10. Will champion the current mission and vision of the ERC and CGGC (Matt 28:18-20).
  11. Has a vision for God’s kingdom over and above the culture of the day (Mark 1:14-15).
  12. Demonstrates the humility commensurate with a servant of God (Eph 6:6; Phil 2:3-5).
  13. Is able to act firmly and decisively and also with kindness, bringing along others and equipping them for the ministry (Eph 4:12).
  14. Has experience with, or an understanding of, various types of ministry including but not limited to: full-time, bi-vocational, parachurch, creative expressions, co-vocational.
  15. Is a team player, able to lead and empower the staff, commissions, congregations, and conference.
  16. Understands finances and has an ability to work with budgets.
  17. Has taken conflict resolution training or is willing to pursue such training.
  18. The preferred qualifications of the Executive Director:
  19. Has been a faithful, ordained pastor in the Churches of God, General Conference for at least 5 years.
  20. Holds a degree from a recognized theological seminary.

Position Description

  1. The executive director shall, by virtue of their office, be a delegate to the General Conference and the chairperson of the ERC Conference delegation.
  2. The responsibilities of the executive director shall include, but not be limited to:
  3. Overseeing leadership development in the Conference by:
    1. Modeling an effective, scriptural, and exemplary personal leadership style.
    2. Promoting and seeking training that is need specific for Conference staff and local pastors.
    3. Conducting annual evaluations of each Conference staff member.
    4. Assisting in the identification of individuals from local congregations who have the desire and necessary skills to serve the Conference on the administrative council, commissions, and staff members.
  4. Giving vision and direction to the Conference by:
    1. Spending time regularly seeking God’s will through Bible study and prayer.
    2. Exhibiting an understanding of, and the ability to implement, the Conference’s mission statement, strategic plan and goals, and the mandate to “Discover, Develop, and Deploy Disciples as Jesus commanded.”
    3. Communicating & promoting the Conference’s direction and goals to local congregations and ministry leaders to bring greater unity.
    4. Leading the Ad Council and relevant conference leaders in periodic review of the mission statement, strategic plan and goals, and the mandate to “Discover, Develop, and Deploy Disciples as Jesus commanded.”
    5. Keeping abreast of research in vision casting to better reach a changing world.
  5. Daily directing the Conference staff by:
    1. Overseeing the ongoing administrative responsibilities of the Conference.
    2. Working with the Administrative Council in the search for, hiring of, evaluation of, discipline of, and termination of Conference staff.
    3. Developing the Conference staff into a leadership team.
    4. Providing pastoral support for the Conference staff.
    5. Determining which Conference staff persons will regularly meet with Commissions.
  6. Acting as spokesperson and representative of the Conference by:
    1. Serving as an officer of the Conference with authority to act in polity, financial, legal, and disciplinary matters.
    2. Serving as signatory on behalf of the Conference for all legal documents, including but not limited to deeds, mortgages, and bonds.
    3. Serving as a representative of the Conference to the larger church community.
    4. Serving as a spokesperson for the Conference to the larger church community and the community-at-large.
  7. The executive director shall have authority to speak on behalf of the Conference, the Administrative Council, commissions and committees thereof on matters of record.
  8. The executive director shall be the legal officer of the Conference, and shall be the custodian of the charter, seal, deeds, Conference archives, and pastoral transfers. They shall provide, sign, and seal all certificates of ordination, license, and annual identification cards for pastors.
  9. The executive director may serve as an ex officio member of all commissions, committees or task forces of the Administrative Council where not already serving as a member.
    1. The executive director will serve as a voting member of the ERC Administrative Council.
    2. The executive director will serve as a voting member of the Commission on Credentialing and Placement on the Credentialing Task Force.
    3. The executive director will serve as a voting member of the Nominating Committee.
    4. The executive director will serve as a voting member of the Standing Committee
  10. The executive director will have a semiannual evaluation with a committee appointed by the Ad Council.

 Apply directly on the ERC's Website. 

Job - P/T Lead Pastor – Syracuse Church of God, Syracuse, IN - MRC

Syracuse Church of God

Who is Syracuse Church of God?   

We are a church that believes in the Bible and makes it the center of all our ministries. Our church family loves to spend time together in fellowship and serving our community. We enjoy learning and have a rich history of educating all generations and equipping them for ministry. You can feel the love in our church as soon as you walk in the door. 

Our New Pastor Should Have the Following Traits 

  • A part time or co-vocational pastor that loves to encourage, delegate, motivate and lead 
  • Someone with a youthful energy who is willing to mentor future leaders 
  • Theologically conservative while remaining relevant to the changing needs of our community and congregation 


  • Provide leadership and vision for the church 
  • Sunday morning sermons 
  • Work with the Christian Ed. Leader to coordinate Wednesday evening ministries 
  • Foster and Develop a Youth Leader 
  • Encourage Lay Leadership for congregational care 
  • Attend monthly Administrative Council Meetings 
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals 
  • Uphold our church constitution 
  • Participate in Syracuse-Wawasee Ministerial Association and Boat in Services 
  • Attend annual Church of God Conference 

The Position 

  • This is a part time position consisting of 20 hours per week. Our congregation will assist our new pastor in finding secondary employment in our community if the pastor would like us to do so.  
  • Two weeks of paid time off 
  • Salary of $30,000 to $40,000 based on education, experience and congregational approval 
  • Moving Expenses up to $1,000 


  • Holy Spirit led with a strong Christian faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • A belief that the Bible is the Word of God and a desire to preach straight from the Bible 
  • Degree in Biblical Theology or comparable degree is preferred 

The Community 

Syracuse is as small and friendly town in the county of Kosciusko which is home to over 100 lakes. Our town has two large, beautiful lakes, Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee, the largest natural lake in Indiana. Our population drastically increases in the summer as people come to enjoy our lakes, trails and other outdoor activities. Children in our community attend the Wawasee School District which serves our town as well as Milford and North Webster. As our chamber of commerce likes to say, Syracuse is a wonderful place to live, work and play.  

Send resumes or contactEmail: ,


Job - F/T Senior Pastor - Germantown Church of God - Cascade, MD - ERC

Germantown Church of God

The GERMANTOWN CHURCH OF GOD (est. 1872), 16924 Raven Rock Road, Cascade MD 21719-1945 (not to be confused with Germantown, MD.) is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor, as our most recent Pastor retired after 15 years of leadership and service to our congregation.  Pastor Linda Rosenberry is currently serving as our Interim Pastor.

While we have a rich history our vision is focused on our future.  Located near the Maryland/Pennsylvania state line with three counties within close proximity, our location offers tremendous opportunities for growth.  This includes the revitalization of near-by Fort Ritchie, which is currently underway.

Our church amenities include the following.

  • Sanctuary (rated for 220) with a sound/video system
  • Baptismal
  • Family Life Center (rated for 520) with a stage
  • Full Kitchen with ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves
  • Library with approximately 10,000 accessions, fully catalogued
  • Classrooms
  • Offices for a Pastor and Administrative Assistant
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Parsonage

We are a traditional, evangelical, conservative congregation praying for a Pastor with a shepherd’s temperament, a servant-leader with a mentoring attitude.  A Pastor that is able to cast a Holy Spirit led vision for our church, and then motivate the body to follow that vision.  A Pastor that is able to discern and train individuals spiritually to help them reach their God-given potential.  A Pastor who sees visitation as vital to our ministry, as several of our congregation are home bound or otherwise unable to physically attend services.         

Our church family is open and welcoming.  The vision for our church includes a need to develop our children’s, youth, and young adult ministries.  Still, our goal is to provide community outreach and support for all ages.  Another area of need we see opening is for Pastoral care and counseling, providing strong Biblical and practical counseling as well as the ability to make referrals as needed to qualified professional counselors.   

We are seeking God’s Choice.

The candidate seeking to serve would need to be licensed/ordained, and be approved for ministry by the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God General Conference.  If you prayerfully feel God’s leading in our direction, please send your current resume with a cover letter sharing your personal testimony and calling to the ministry.    


If interested contact: 

Pastor Howard Ruley

Phone: 301 514 2512


Pastor John Culbertson

Phone: 717 532 7268

For a closer look, log on to our website: 

Job - P/T - Worship Leader- Shippensburg First Church of God - Shippensburg, PA - ERC

The Shippensburg First Church of God is seeking to hire a Part Time Worship Leader to direct the music ministry of our contemporary style worship experiences. The Contemporary Worship Leader will oversee all elements of the contemporary worship experience: from planning, to rehearsing, to facilitating the worship service, and developing others to serve in this ministry. The Contemporary Worship Leader will also work collaboratively with other staff and ministry leaders to further the ministries of Shippensburg First Church of God.

Interested applicants can ask questions at 717-532-8421 or submit a resume for consideration to .

Job - F/T - Senior Pastor - Columbia Church of God - Columbia, PA - ERC

Columbia First Church of God

The Columbia Church of God, 43 N 7th St, Columbia PA Eastern Regional Conference, Churches of God, is trusting in God for a full-time and but may consider a part-time pastor. Our church is located in the Borough of Columbia, along the Susquehanna River, on the western edge of Lancaster County.  Our congregation was first established in 1869 and currently has approximately 65 members.  We also offer a parsonage next door to the bethel.

Our Mission Statement is for all to hear, understand, live and follow the word of God; to personally know His love and to become His hands and feet in the world today. Our moto is “Come as you are. Leave CHANGED”.  We agree with the doctrines of the ERC and seek a pastor who is spiritually called by Christ.  Any prospective candidate must be an individual who is, or is willing to be, either licensed or ordained, and approved for ministry within the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference.

We desire someone who loves GOD, enjoys preaching and teaching GOD’s uncompromising WORD with passion and has a genuine calling to shepherd his flock.

Any candidate being considered for the position must be in complete agreement with the doctrinal stances of the Churches of God found in What We Believe and in agreement with our social stances found in Here We Stand. (This information is available on the Church of God General Conference website,  Additionally any prospective candidate include, if possible but not mandatory, a video of your preaching ministry.

If you believe you are called to serve at the Columbia Church of God, please send an email to Dave Anderson, ERC Placement Representative for the Commission on Credentialing & Placement, at . Please include a current resume, brief description of your calling to be a pastor, and your walk with the Lord.  If you have any questions, please contact Dave at 717-808-2075.

Job - F/T Associate Pastor – Indian Head Church of God - Indian Head, PA - ARC

Indian Head Church of God

Associate Pastor

The Indian Head Church of God is looking for an associate pastor to be a spiritual leader in the congregation and will work with the Senior Pastor to assist in carrying out the ministry of the church. The deadline for applications is October 1, 2022. Click below to view the full job description. 

Job Description PDF

Please direct all inquiries to Pastor Fred Bauer: 

Job - P/T Pastor –Red Hill Church of God, Newport, PA -ERC

Part-time Pastor (20-25 hours per week). The Red Hill Church of God in Newport, PA is a church that is 175-years-old. We are a small but strong and faithful congregation whose mission statement is to lead people into a personal relationship with God. Our congregation is looking for a practical and relevant Preacher/Teacher that God has chosen to lead us in Sunday Worship Service and Wednesday night Bible Study. The candidate must have a heart for evangelism and would be willing to participate in the Church’s outreach programs at our local Canal Day event and the Perry County Fair. The appropriate candidate would be willing to be licensed or ordained and approved for ministry by the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference.

Interested parties should contact:

Pastor George Jensen

P/T Youth Leader – Camp Hill Church of God, Camp Hill, PA – ERC

This position would involve approximately 8 to 10 hours a week mostly on Sunday mornings and evenings. It would also involve preparing lessons and activities for our youth between sixth and twelfth grades. It also may involve some driving of the church van. Please contact David DeHart with questions and to apply.

Missions Employment Opportunities

CGGC Global Reach Ministries continues to seek missionary candidates to fill a variety of requests from the field. For more information about these opportunities, please contact GR Director Ben Tobias ( or 419-424-1961).

Download  Global Reach Application  form.

Kenya (Embu area)
  • Teacher/mentor to pastors and teachers. A person with economic development experience is desirable.
Bangladesh (Dhaka area)
  • Professor to teach at College of Christian Theology Bangladesh. The CGGC is a founding partner in this institution. A doctoral degree is required (minimum 4 years commitment).