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Modern Worship Coordinator – Hanover First Church of God (HFCOG) Hanover, PA -ERC

Modern Worship Coordinator
Job Description

Objective: The Modern Worship Coordinator will be responsible for
ensuring that the vision for the modern worship service of Hanover First Church of God
(HFCOG) is carried out on every level.

Description: The Worship Coordinator will be a team player focused on creating buy-in
to the vision and implementation of the modern worship service. They will work closely
with the Lead Pastor and the Deacon of the Worship Commission to create a worship
experience that is fresh, engaging, and relevant to an emerging generation. They will
work collaboratively with the worship and production teams to ensure that the vision of
this service is being implemented.

● A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and demonstration of a growing
relationship with Him.
● A heart for the spiritual formation of the church body through authentic worship.
● Commitment to the vision, mission, and worship philosophy of HFCOG.
● Demonstrated excellence in the field of worship ministry.
● A team player with a positive attitude.
● Commitment to ongoing training and growth as a leader.

● Good relational skills.
● Proficiency to lead worship both vocally and with a guitar and/or keyboard.
● Good organizational/administrative skills. Proficiency in communication platforms
such as e-mail, text messaging, and Planning Center is a plus.

● Provide leadership, vision, and passion in the area of music worship ministries
that is in line with the overall vision and mission of HFCOG.
● Take the lead in creating and implementing new worship opportunities which
align with the mission and vision of HFCOG.
● Coordinate with the Lead Pastor to create well-planned and engaging Sunday
worship services.
● Oversee the worship team (vocalists and musicians)
● Attention should be given to service flow, song selection, and creative
elements to help emphasize the big idea of the sermon.
● Provide training opportunities for team members.
● Recruit new worship ministry volunteers.

Send applications to:

Hanover First Church of God
Attention: Search Committee
600 Fairview Drive
Hanover PA 17331

P/T 8:15 Worship Leader – Grand Point Church (GPC), Chambersburg, PA -ERC

8:15 Worship Leader – Chambersburg Campus

Grand Point Church (GPC) in Chambersburg, PA, is seeking a part-time Worship Leader to lead its 8:15 a.m. worship service at the Chambersburg Campus. The candidate should be passionate about leading others as they take their next steps in their journey to find and follow Jesus!

Reporting directly to the Director of Worship Ministries, the 8:15 Worship Leader for GPC-Chambersburg will lead with an inspiring energy, who preserves, yet enhances, the 8:15 a.m. worship service atmosphere, and who helps to bring people into the presence of God.  This role will be responsible for planning and coordinating a traditional-style service that is in keeping with the pastor’s messages and/or various observances by working with the Lead Pastor, staff, instrumentalists, and audio-visual team.

Grand Point Church is a growing church with two established campuses and another campus scheduled to launch in September.  We have more than 20 full-time staff and over 770 volunteers serving in various ministry capacities guided by our four values: We value God’s truth more than our opinions; we value God’s people more than our programs; we value God’s plan more than our plans; and we value God’s mission more than our comfort.

Job Description

The 8:15 Worship Leader for the Chambersburg Campus will be responsible for the following:

  1. Lead Worship for 8:15 Worship Service at the Chambersburg Campus: This role will be responsible for:
  • Planning, scheduling, coordinating, and leading worship in the 8:15 a.m. worship service.
  • Leading the congregation in singing a fair mix of hymns and new worship music.
  • Providing guidance in the development and implementation of the highest quality worship possible by recruiting, developing, and scheduling the wide variety of vocal and instrumental talent in the church to assist in leading the worship services and/or as stand-alone worship service openings.
  • Working directly with the orchestra for scheduling, orchestration, and rehearsals.
  • Directing or recruiting a leader for an occasional worship choir.
  • Collaborating with the pastor and/or staff in the selection of hymns and special music.
  • Preparing the worship order by using Planning Center to share service details with pastor and other worship leaders, as well as and participants, in a timely manner.
  • In conjunction with the church staff, planning and implementing the music for special services, such as Christmas Eve, Worship Nights, Maundy Thursday, etc.
  • Creating lyric slides of the hymns for ProPresenter each Sunday (unless otherwise designated to another staff member.)
  • Working with current technical advisor/coordinator in ensuring that we have audio/video (ProPresenter) technicians for each service.
  • Attending weekly meetings to evaluate and plan the worship services.
  • Developing and administering any budgetary needs for the 8:15 service.
  1. Team Collaboration: Each member of the GPC staff will work as a team to accomplish the mission of Grand Point Church.  This may include duties outside the normal realm of their position but are imperative to the fulfillment of our objectives as a whole.


To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant information directly to Tammy Bock, Executive Assistant, at:  .

F/T – P/T Senior Pastor – Hopewell First Church of God, Tiffin, OH – GLC

Hopewell First Church of God in Tiffin, Ohio is looking for a well-qualified pastor to step into a senior pastor role! Hopewell CoG has a long history in its community, with deep roots and the potential for an expanding impact. With multiple colleges and high schools in the area, there is a tremendous opportunity for outreach, as well as a loving congregation to shepherd. Hopewell offers competitive pay, flexible hours, and the potential for a parsonage. Please submit resumes (or related questions) to the current Interim Pastor, Jacob Clagg ( ) or the Board Chairman, Lee Dewald ( ).

Full job description attached below.


Job Description

The Senior Pastor is the chief elder/shepherd of the congregation appointed by the Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference for the supervision, administration, and direction of the work of the kingdom of God as it is expressed through the ministry of the Hopewell First Church of God.

The Senior Pastor is responsible to the Elders and the Church Board for the conduct of his/her ministry and will meet with the elders on a regular basis.

The position is employed by the congregation upon recommendation of the Pulpit Committee and the Church Board and in direct cooperation with the Pastoral Life council of the Great Lakes Conference. Employment is subject to receiving the appropriate approval and credentials by the Great Lakes Conference.

In general terms, the Senior Pastor is one of the spiritual leaders of the church and the chief director of its ministry. The Senior Pastor is responsible for several areas, and will work in conjunction with the church board and other staff to fulfill the following areas of ministry:

  1. Leadership and Vision:
  2. The Senior Pastor is responsible to help the congregation identify and communicate its mission and its vision for ministry.
  3. The Senior Pastor oversees the development of leadership within the church appropriate to fulfilling its mission and vision.
  4. The Senior pastor provides spiritual leadership to help the congregation conduct its ministry and its daily life in keeping with the Word of God.
  5. The Senior Pastor represents the congregation to the community and the larger church.
  6. Preaching and Teaching:
  7. The Senior Pastor, as the chief preacher of the church, will:
  8. Prepare and present a sermon for all worship services except those during vacation weeks, or when guest speakers deliver sermons, or other presentations are provided.
  9. Participate in limited preaching opportunities away from the church under the direction of the Elders, as called upon.
  10. The Senior Pastor has a primary role as teacher and equipper along with a responsibility to ensure that what is taught throughout the church is faithful to the Word of God. The Senior Pastor will:
  11. Teach in Sunday School as needed or when called upon to do so.
  12. Teach Bible study lessons as needed or when called to do so.
  13. Be responsible to provide special instruction in discipleship training such as new member classes and leadership training.
  14. Worship:
  15. The Senior Pastor is responsible to develop and direct the worship ministry of the church. The Senior Pastor will:
    1. Coordinate themes and plan worship services.
    2. Conduct worship services.
    3. Administer the ordinances and rites of the church.
    4. Oversee the preparation of worship materials and bulletins
    5. Make other preparations for worship services.
  16. The Senior Pastor will participate in community worship and ecumenical services as

called upon.

  1. The Senior Pastor will perform weddings according to the guidelines of Scripture, the church, the United States governments, and laws. The Senior Pastor will:
  2. Counsel each couple before their marriage.
  3. Take charge of the rehearsal and wedding ceremony and see that all activities at the church are conducted in a manner that pleases God.
  4. Give priority in performing marriages to members and regular attenders of the church.
  5. Not conduct marriages outside the church without the approval the Elders as to determine the appropriateness of said setting or location.
  6. The Senior Pastor will conduct funerals and memorial services according to the guidelines of Scripture and of the church. The Senior Pastor will:
  7. Meet as soon as possible with the family of the deceased to offer prayer, comfort, and counsel.
  8. Assist the family making plans for funeral or memorial services.
  9. Conduct such services and provide follow-up care for post funeral needs.
  10. Pastoral Care:
  11. In conjunction with the, Elders and other Leaders, the Senior Pastor is responsible to see that proper encouragement, support and care is given to the church family. The Senior Pastor will:
  12. Lead and be involved in intercessory prayer.
  13. Provide counseling as called upon within the limits of time and expertise.
  14. As personally as possible, minister to people in crisis situations.
  15. Visit members and attenders as needed to offer encouragement and support.
  16. The Senior Pastor will take the lead in managing and working to resolve conflicts within the church. The Senior Pastor will:
  17. Work to facilitate peace and harmony among members, staff and others, particularly in conflicts that threaten the welfare of the church.
  18. Review with the Elders and/or Board any problems or concerns arising from conflicts and work with them in determining solutions.
  19. Outreach:
  20. The Senior Pastor will work with the Elders, Team Leaders, and others to promote evangelistic outreach whenever possible. While the Senior pastor will oversee setting the evangelistic vision of the church and is encouraged to:
    1. Be personally involved in winning souls to Christ.
    2. Give invitations to accept Christ at worship services, small group meetings and other activities when appropriate.
    3. Help to plan and conduct special services and activities that emphasize evangelistic outreach.
  21. Give guidance to the promotion of church services and activities using

public media including but not limited to website, TV, radio, social media, etc.

  1. The Senior Pastor will support the making of disciples and training of others to win souls to Christ.
  2. Administration:
  3. The Senior Pastor will have general oversight of the church, acting as a catalyst for the future direction of the church and facilitator of existing ministries and programs. The Senior Pastor will:
    1. Be considered (by the very nature of the pastoral office) an ex-officio member of all church Ministry Teams, Committees and Boards.
    2. Have the privilege of forming advisory committees as this person deem necessary for the purpose of researching, brainstorming, etc. but with no legislative power.
  4. The Senior Pastor is responsible for the ongoing operations of the church. The Senior Pastor will:
    1. Be responsible for the day-to-day functions of the church office.
    2. Keep appropriate records for the church.
  5. Be responsible for the operation of the church building.
  6. Hourly Expectations and Wages:
    1. Hourly expectation is flexible based upon the nature of the pastoral office (fulltime or parttime) and will be based upon the Senior Pastors vision, and depending upon extra work necessary due to pastoral duties, like weddings, funerals, visitations, etc.
    2. Wages will be discussed during the interview process. Compensation will be competitive but negotiable. Milage will be reimbursed. Likewise, hours and milage will be documented by the Senior Pastor in a spreadsheet and turned into the Church Treasurer weekly.
    3. A potential item for discussion during the interview process is the church parsonage.

Given the specific requirements of this position, it is expected that this person will exhibit the gifts of faith, leadership, exhortation, teaching, shepherding, and discernment.

Above all else, the Senior Pastor is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is His representative to the Church and to the world. It is expected that this person will exhibit a mature and outgoing faith in Jesus Christ. This person will be committed to evangelism and nurturing of disciples of Jesus Christ. This person will uphold and demonstrate the teachings of the Word of God as taught by the Churches of God General Conference.

F/T Lead Pastor – Silver Creek Church of God, Silver Lake, IN – MRC


Silver Creek Church of God

Pastor Mark Goeglein

6504 W 1300 S
Silver Lake, IN 46982



Churches of God, General Conference

Silver Creek COG

Equip & Serve

Information about the Position:
Title: Solo Pastor or Bi-Vocational Pastor
Job Summary:
Silver Creek Church of God is looking for a pastor to shepherd and lead our church family. We are a small rural church located near Silver Lake and Akron, IN. We need a caring and humble leader with a shepherd’s heart. We desire to be missional to our community and have a history of a variety of outreach events towards our community. We need a pastor who will encourage us with relevant messages that are both Biblical and practical to everyday life. We desire someone who will motivate, strategize, and train us to reach our community as well as the next generation for Christ.
Inquiries can be made by sending a cover letter, resume, picture (family if applicable), and one-page bio.
Primary Areas of Responsibilities:
*Pastor/Teacher committed to solid biblical exegesis and teaching
*Pastor/Shepherd committed to pastoral care and visitation
*Leader/Visionary committed to leading the congregation in outreach
Is this a new or previously existing position?
NEW POSITION we hired an intentional interim in January 2020.
Why is the position now open?
Mutual agreement from the pastor and the church to pursue a fresh start after working together for twenty years.
Information about the Church or Organization:
Churches of God, General Conference (
Worship Style:
Traditional Attendance: Adult: 40 to 50 Student Ministry 5 or less
Community Type:
Rural – Country – Small Town
Seating Capacity:
125 – 150
Qualification of the Candidate:
Age Range:
35-50 Gender Preference: Male Marital Status: Married, Single, Widowed
Ethnic Profile:
Primarily Caucasian area with a small Hispanic community
Teaching (clear and challenging) Care (compassionate and shepherding) Evangelistic and Missional (outward vision) Visionary and Creative (innovative and strategic)
Type of Person Desired:
We are looking for a candidate who is willing to work with the current team of volunteers in reaching out to the community in creative and meaningful ways. This candidate must understand that our church is a family-oriented traditional church with a rich and long history, despite our recent decline in size and our current pandemic we have a strong desire to reach the community for Christ.

Silver Creek Church of God
Ministry Description
REPORTS TO: Elders and Congregation (through the Council)
CLASSIFICATION: Regular, full-time
DATE: September 1st, 2020
• The Senior Pastor will be devoted to prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4).
• The Senior Pastor will teach and proclaim the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15, 4:2).
• The Senior Pastor will lead with integrity and skill (Psalm 78:72, 1 Timothy 5:17).
• The Senior Pastor will oversee and shepherd the church body (1 Peter 5:1-4)
Teaching/Preaching: (50% or 20-25 hours per week)
• Lead communicator and Bible teacher. When not speaking during corporate gatherings he will be responsible to select speakers that are consistent with the doctrine and vision of Silver Creek Church of God (SCCOG).
• In partnership with the Elders will monitor the doctrine and teachings communicated on the SCCOG campus, home groups, and social media platforms.
Personal Growth and Renewal: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Dedicate significant time to renewal, reading, and research for personal and pastoral health through scheduled times away from campus.
• Set aside time each week praying for the leadership, ministries, and direction of SCCOG.
Pastoral: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Provide pastoral care for weddings, funerals, hospital visitations, and other pastoral responsibilities according to his discernment and schedule.
• Provide counseling on a limited basis. Delegate counseling responsibilities to trained and professional counselors whenever possible.
Vision and Leadership: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Create and communicate a vision and strategy for SCCOG. Monitor, review, and adjust the vision and strategy with both the Elders and Church Council.
• Provide vision, strategies, and values to the Elders and Church Council.
• Monitor and empower the spiritual health and team dynamics of the Elders and Church Officers.
• Responsible to ensure periodic reviews and evaluations of the spiritual and emotional health of SCCOG.
• Provide leadership and direction with the Church Chairman regarding all meetings and committees within the church.
Recruitment and Equipping: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Has the responsibility and authority to recruit, train, and deploy capable and gifted volunteers for service.
Outreach and Evangelism: (10% or 4-5 hours per week)
• Provide a model and vision for both personal and corporate outreach and evangelism.
• Involved directly in providing leadership being more missional in reaching out to our community with random acts of kindness and service.

P/T Senior Pastor – East Hanover Church of God – Grantville, PA – ERC

The East Hanover Church of God is searching for a part-time pastor. Ideally, the person who becomes our pastor must be certain that he or she is led by God to our small congregation of approximately 20 people per Sunday.

We are looking for a person with the ability and desire to teach and preach God’s Holy Word accurately, not avoiding any undesirable topic. We prefer expository or textual sermons but are open to different techniques of preaching as long as they are Biblically-centered. We desire a person who has a strong and unwavering conviction that the Bible is the inspired Word of God without error and who preaches sermons to support the major doctrines and theological teachings contained in it.  We are looking for an individual who is personable and friendly. Our hope is that our pastor would come to truly care for and love the people in the congregation and be willing to visit the homebound, hospitalized and those that call upon him or her for prayer and support.

We are a relaxed congregation that enjoys the old hymns and a traditional worship service, but we are open to new ideas and experiences. We typically do not have activities apart from the Sunday service, a prayer gathering once a month, and occasional luncheons. However, we are seeking a pastor who is able and willing to provide strong Biblical and practical guidance along with support and encouragement to spiritually qualified individuals who feel called to start new activities such as a youth Bible study or outreach projects to the surrounding community. We are always willing to listen and discuss new ideas and desire a pastor who is open to sharing his or her thoughts and ideas with us.     

We do not want this to just be another job for our pastor. We want our pastor and their family to become part of our family of God that supports one another, including the pastor!

We are located at 1504 Mountain Road, Grantville, PA 17028 and we look forward to meeting you.     

If interested please email resume to Pastor George Jensen at   or send a hard copy to:

Pastor George Jensen
Enola Church of God
9 Sherwood Drive
Enola, PA 17025

P/T Youth Leader – Camp Hill Church of God, Camp Hill, PA – ERC

This position would involve approximately 8 to 10 hours a week mostly on Sunday mornings and evenings. It would also involve preparing lessons and activities for our youth between sixth and twelfth grades. It also may involve some driving of the church van. Please contact David DeHart with questions and to apply.

Missions Employment Opportunities

CGGC Global Reach Ministries continues to seek missionary candidates to fill a variety of requests from the field. For more information about these opportunities, please contact GR Director Ben Tobias ( or 419-424-1961).

Download  Global Reach Application  form.


Haiti (Borel)
  • NEW POSTING 4/24/19: Pastoral Advisor to serve as Assistant Director of PHH.  This individual would provide pastoral connections between the Haiti Conference, PHH, and Global Reach, as well as creating and teaching at a pastoral/leadership institute at the Borel campus with the assistance of the Haiti Conference, Winebrenner Theological Seminary (if possible), and Global Reach/PHH. See the job description for more details.
  • Teacher who would facilitate the education of missionary kids from an online public school curriculum at our Borel campus for the 2019-2020 school year.
Kenya (Embu area)
  • Teacher/mentor to pastors and teachers. A person with economic development experience is desirable.
Bangladesh (Dhaka area)
  • Professor to teach at College of Christian Theology Bangladesh. The CGGC is a founding partner in this institution. A doctoral degree is required (minimum 4 years commitment).
Sweden  (Gothenburg)
  • The New Life Gothenburg Church is forming a church planting team to begin a new congregation in Tynnered, on the other side of Gothenburg, most likely in 2019.  A church facility has been given to New Life for that purpose. Persons are needed to join the team for one year or longer; missionary internships are possible.