ACTS Teams

Advancing Christ Through Service: Short-term intergenerational teams seek to grow closer to God, experience the Gospel at work in different cultures and see missions as part of everyday life.

ACTS Teams are unique, in that the strengths & giftings of the individual team members are utilized to develop the trip itinerary.

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Advancing Christ Through Service. Short-term intergenerational teams seek to grow closer to God, experience the Gospel at work in a different culture, and see missions as part of everyday life.

2024 ACTS Trips:

—ACTS Applications are completed entirely online—
-All ACTS Teams are full/closed for 2024-

USA Southwest/Navajo (Full/Closed) July 9-18, 2024 $1,250

Mexico (Full/Closed) July 18-25, 2024 $1,550

“The ACTS team enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and experience a culture so different from my own while also allowing me to share the universal love of Christ with others. I loved my experience with ACTS teams so much that I wanted to take on more roles in my home church & they eventually lead me on a path towards seminary!”  -Haley

“Being part of an ACTS team allowed me to interact with other Christians from around the region and learn from new Church of God members.” I grew not only as a follower of Christ, but I gained valuable friendships to help in my faith journey. We are meant to be in communion with God as a body of Christ, and being a part of an ACTS mission team exemplified this lesson for me. Nehemiah 4:6 reminds us that people should be working diligently together for God. An ACTS mission team experience is an excellent way to do this as a service for others. I think that service is a spiritual gift that many of us have been given by God and he wants nothing more than to see us put those spiritual gifts to work, good work in his name, for others. That is what an ACTS team experience is all about.”  -Missy

“I think a part of me will always be with the people that I served at each of the locations that I visited. ACTS Team trips are an opportunity to share the love and hope of Christ with others and to encourage them in their faith. I’ll never forget the experiences that I had and how I saw God moving in the hearts of the people we served. Mission work is so fulfilling and not only do you have the chance to help others grow, but you grow as well. There are so many opportunities throughout the trip for people to share their God-given gifts and talents, whether that is through singing, preaching, building, talking, leading, or teaching, there are always ways to incorporate everyone’s strengths. The memories that you create with your team and the people that you serve are unforgettable, and I highly recommend serving on an ACTS Team trip!”  -Melissa

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