Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

This official logotype of the Churches of God has been adopted and copyrighted by the Churches of God, General Conference.

The use of the logo by affiliated conferences, congregations and related member organizations is encouraged. The goal is to have it become an instantly-recognized symbol of the Churches of God.


The logo of the Churches of God, General Conference is to be used exclusively for identification of conferences, congregations, ministries, publications’ promotional materials, etc. of the Churches of God, General Conference.

The logo may be used by affiliated conferences and congregations in ways that enhance the ministry and witness of the Churches of God. The nature and image of the church is to be maintained by appropriate and suitable use of the logo.

The logo is to be used as initially designed alone or with the inclusion of the identifying words “Churches of God, General Conference.” A local conference, congregational or organizational name may be included in lieu of the words “General Conference.” Any alteration or adaptation of the logotype must be approved in advance.

The logo may be used for the purpose of promoting appropriate church activities and approved fund raising by member church organizations. Permission for such use is to be secured from the local church in advance. Any gain or profit realized from the production and sale of the logo must be for an affiliated church or one of its organizations. The logo may not be used commercially for gain or profit, or any other purpose, by a person or organization not directly related to the Churches of God, General Conference.

Permission to use the denominational logo does not authorize solicitation or sales across conference or judicatory bounds. Sales across conference or judicatory bounds is limited to the national auxiliary organizations recognized by the General Conference unless special approval is otherwise granted.

Questions or special requests pertaining to the use of the logo of the Churches of God, General Conference should be addressed to the CGGC office by calling (419) 424-1961.

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