Global Reach

Our Mission

Global Reach seeks to help churches fulfill Christ’s commandment to “make disciples of all nations.” Our growing global footprint extends to 14 distinct people groups in the USA, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, India and Bangladesh.

We want to mobilize locally and globally to accomplish God’s mission, and we hope you’ll join us!
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Global Reach Core Values

  1. We value the recruitment and nurture of mature Christians who attain competence through spiritual growth and training to strategically serve wherever they are deployed as missionaries.
  2. We value a missionary strategy which models and enables servant leadership.
  3. We value the contribution each fellowship in every culture can make through the proper stewardship of God’s resources.
  4. We value bold steps of faith that force us to depend totally on God.
  5. We value holistic ministries (educational, medical, vocational, etc.) which enable persons to honor and serve God more freely.

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