Mobilizing Disciples

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Our Mission: to come alongside Regions, Local Churches or groups of Churches to Envision the Harvest both near and far and help Equip them through training and finding resources to Engage those unconvinced about the unconditional love of God through Christ.

Envision the Harvest has an upclose and a distant view that come from the Great Commission to make Disciples of all people groups. In Jesus’ day it was expressed as ‘Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth’. Resources are available to help know yourself better and discover your Community Demographics, (who lives in your neighborhood).

Equip for Ministry is an ongoing and ever-changing job that is made available to match you to your current culture. Themes like: How to Have a Spiritual Conversation, How to Disciple Millennials, How to Develop a Kingdom Picture, How to Develop and Make Teams Work and How to Change Your Culture are covered in training sessions that can be on location. Other resources can be sent through email. One is by Verge called: ‘Equip – Practical Ways to Train Missional Leaders’.

Engage on Mission Together is the strength of God’s people working in a way that lives are transformed and the glory is directed back to God. We can help Mobilize Congregations, Offer Mentoring/Coaching and help develop a different set of questions to gain a bigger Kingdom picture. One helpful resource to help you and your people to live on Mission everyday is called: ‘Simple Ways To Be Missional.’ It covers four areas; neighborhood, workplace, city and community. Created by Verge Network. Available at or request a copy from this office.

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