Thank you for your generosity and your willingness to partner with the Churches of God, General Conference to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world. Because of your willingness to give generously, countless lives have been impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for you and thank God for your continued partnership with us as we work together to demonstrate and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world.

Contribution Areas

Global Reach

Global Reach aims to extend the work of the denomination into other nations and cultures. We can help your church and leadership gain a wider perspective of the work of the Gospel and help you develop disciples through global work.

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Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders aims to provide a clear line of development within the denomination and to serve regions and churches by helping them do the same. We also have select opportunities to equip leaders from your ministry so they can be sent into fruitful ministry. If you have leaders in your church that you need help developing or if you'd like to create your own leadership development plan, we're here to help.

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Mobilizing Disciples

Mobilizing Disciples aims to help churches move from an internal focus to external engagement. In doing so, churches and leaders are better equipped to send their people out as missionaries to their local communities. Mobilizing Disciples also aims to start new works, such as campuses, churches, Christian businesses, and Christian non-profits.

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Partnering in God's Mission Ministries

Partnering in God's Mission aims to help various leaders, churches, and organizations come together to make an impact for God's Kingdom. By creating opportunities to work together, we recognize that we can accomplish more than we ever could do alone.

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Archives and Museum

The archives Museum collects and preserves thousands of books, artifacts, and articles. The museum continues to be a precious and valuable asset that preserves and celebrates CGGC history and heritage.

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