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Join the many women who will be advancing the kingdom of God together on March 1st-3rd at this year's Flourish Conference. The Flourish Conference is an annual conference hosted by the Churches of God Women’s Ministries (CGWM) We spoke to CGWM directory Kathy Foor who is deep in preparation for the event and is excited about what her team has in store for attendees. Kathy shared with us her vision for this year's Flourish Conference, how it fits into CGWM’s larger goals for women’s ministries, and what she hopes women can practically take away from the conference.

This year's theme is “Boots on the Ground, Advancing the Kingdom Together,” and it’s the second part of a three-part series. Last year’s conference was all about learning to “Live Boldy for God,” which called women to take their next steps in walking with the Lord. The goal was to see more women recognize their call to some type of service to God, whether that be traditional ministry, or something else. This year’s conference then takes attendees one step further. With Luke 10:2 as their guiding scripture, CGWM wants women to respond positively to God’s harvest. The harvest is plentiful after all.

Kathy positioned Flourish’s themes as a direct response to the times we’re living in, saying that “the world around us is crazy, but on the positive side, because of the craziness, there has never been a time in history where people are more open to the gospel.” The following year's theme in 2025 will be all about taking the fight to the enemy. “As you begin to practice advancing the kingdom, you can expect that there are going to be some battle grounds,” Kathy said. “The enemy doesn’t want us involved in what God is doing. It’s time to be victorious, it’s time to slay your dragons."

Worship will be brought by a coalition of Findlay worship leaders, including leaders from University of Findlay Campus Ministries, College First Church of God, Wharton Church of God, and more. Likewise, rather than having one single keynote speaker, Flourish is bringing in a panel of 6 women who are all active in their own ministries. The hope is that the variety of the panelists will help attendees identify and relate to their stories and experiences. Kathy said that they are “hoping that provides a broader scope for women who may relate to one more than another. But all of them are obeying the Lord in what He has called them to do.”

Below are two of the panelists, Elly and Grace Maconochie. You can find more information about each of the panelists in the The Flourish Conference’s brochure right here: Download the Brochure

Kathy wants to see women respond to God’s call on their lives, and to begin making an impact, or, as their theme would say, “advance the kingdom.” Using the term “assignment,” Kathy believes that all women are given an assignment by God, and that Flourish Conference will be an opportunity to either discover or develop what that individualized assignment is. “How do we know what our kingdom assignment is?” Kathy asked. “What does it mean to be a woman in the kingdom of God?” Those are the questions that she thinks Flourish Conference will answer for many of the women attending.

If you’re looking to attend but cost is too much of a factor, then know that CGWM does have partial scholarships available to pay for a portion of the sign up cost. Reach out to Nancy Scott, the CGWM Treasurer to learn more and apply.

Is God calling you to a become a worker for his harvest? Don’t know where to start? The Flourish Conference will be a three-day event where you can connect with other women, hear from people who are advancing the kingdom in a variety of contexts, and get advice on the calling God has for you. Register for the 2024 Flourish Conference at the link below.


CGGC eNews—Vol. 18, No.  6

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