News Roundup: Pakistani Christians Persecuted, Maui Updates, and More


August News Roundup

The end of August marks the end of summer, the beginning of school, and an opportunity for another News Roundup. Read on for stories about what's happening in God's world both near and far. 

Pakistani Christians Attacked by Mob
Human Rights Watch reports that, in Pakistan, “several hundred people attacked a Christian settlement in Faisalabad district, Punjab province.” The mob attack was allegedly instigated by “blasphemy”, an apparently dangerous moral crime to commit in Pakistan. The local police have arrested 130 people involved in attack. Likewise, the Guardian reports that, while no one was reported injured, multiple churches were vandalized and set on fire.
You can read the full article from Human Rights Watch below. 

 Pakistan Christian Attack

UF President Dr. Katherine Fell Speaks On Community Service
University of Findlay President Katherine Fell speaks about the Arch Ceremony and how they are preparing their students for a life of community investment. The University’s motto is to “equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers.” It’s a phrase that neatly divides the ideas of life and work; that who we are and what we choose to do economically aren’t the same. To be a well-rounded student at UF is to be someone who is fit for work, but also fit to engage life outside of work, which is why UF begins each school year by having students volunteer in the local Findlay community. UF demonstrates their Christian heritage by upholding the importance of service.
Watch the full interview with Dr. Fell below. 


Tim Keller Memorial Service
A memorial Service was held for Tim Keller at Saint Patricks Cathederal in NYC on August 15th. The service was attended by approximately 2,000 people with an additional 19,000 having watched the livestream. For nearly 2 hours, hymns, scripture readings, quotes from important Christian thinkers, and a meaningful homily help viewers to understand and mourn the person that Tim Keller was, and what it means to be a servant of Jesus. Watch below. 

 Maui Live Blog by David Kapaku
As many of you know, the West side of Maui island in Hawaii has experienced a horrific fire that raged through the town of Lahaina. Many people lost their life, many more are still missing, and even more have lost their livelihood, homes, jobs, schools, culture, and history. A CGGC Missionary team David and Kenda Kapaku have a church on the West side of Maui that remains untouched, but who are grappling with the weight of all that has happened as they help their people stay safe, and rebuild. We published an interview with Pastor David last week, and a live blog which will be continually updated as new information comes in. You can see that here, or donate to the disaster relief fund below. 

Maui Disaster Relief

Maui Live Blog

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