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In December we brought three urgent needs before you in our “Share the Blessing” giving campaign. We are excited to announce you have indeed responded, and the campaign has been a success! Thanks to the generous support of more than 75 donors from across our body, we were able to see 2 of our 3 goals met and surpassed, while our last goal is getting close. We wanted to give you an update on the support you raised, and where additional support could make a big impact.

Our first goal was for the replacement of a van at our Gamerco church in New Mexico. The old van had fallen into disrepair and had been essential to support the many mission trips that happen there each year. Our initial goal to replace this van was $45,000. Thanks to the overwhelming support, and to a large anonymous donation, we exceeded our goal, receiving $72,000 in total for the Gamerco van! The additional funds will allow us to purchase a higher quality van than we had initially planned, while the extra funds will go to ministry efforts in the same geographical area. This is an incredible show of support and we are grateful for each and every donor who made this possible. Gamerco is where most of our mission trips go and so this new van will be instrumental in getting our work/ACTS team members from the airport to the field, and it will be used all year round for other ministry transportation. 

Our second goal was to support the construction and legal fees for two new church buildings in our Nicaraguan Conference. The goal for this project was $5,000, and you helped us exceed that goal as well, receiving a total of $5,400 toward the project. Praise God for your faithfulness! We look forward to showing you the completed churches once they are ready. 

Our third goal for the campaign was for a Phaco Machine for our Bangladesh Mission Eye Hospital in Khanjanpur. Our goal for this machine was $23,000, and we are at nearly 2/3 of the goal with $14,500 received at time of writing. Dr. John Costa, the director of our Mission in Bangladesh and the director of the Eye Hospital, estimates that approximately 60% of the revenue made by the hospital is generated by this single machine. Without this machine, the healing time for cataract surgery can be between 3 to 4 weeks, which leaves some patients out of work for a month. This is something most cannot afford, and that means they either go untreated, or go someplace else. With this machine, patients often return to work within 3 to 4 days. A new Phaco Machine not only helps more patients but also helps our hospital become financially self-sustaining.

If you want to contribute to this important need, you can give directly at this link: Phaco Machine for Bangladesh

Whether you gave to this “Share the Blessing” campaign or not, we are grateful for your prayer support. Each of these fields, Gamerco, Nicaragua, and Bangladesh, are in need of your prayers and we encourage you to keep them at the forefront of your minds, pleading always for God’s continued provision and protection.

Thank you and may God bless you as you bless others,

 CGGC eNews—Vol. 18, No.  8

CGGC eNews

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