Global Reach Resources

Seminars and Training Opportunities

We offer a variety of training experiences to assist church in developing a “Great Commission mindset.” These include:

“UnveilinGLORY” featuring Cat & Dog Theology

Four 1-hour multimedia sessions prophetically calling the church away from her self-centeredness to focus on God’s glory, magnifying it in all areas of life to all peoples of the world. The full seminar is 4 sessions, but just 1 or 2 sessions can be done in a local church or region. A summary of the sessions can be downloaded here: UnveilinGLORY Seminar Summary.

For more information about the UnveilinGLORY ministry, contact Don Dennison, or go to the website.

Global Reach Update

A 45-minute “world tour” PowerPoint presentation providing the latest information about our CGGC missions.

Mobilizing Churches for Cross-Cultural Outreach

A 45-minute presentation answering the questions:  What are the characteristics of missions-active churches in general (and more specifically, in the CGGC)? What do they have in common? What can other churches learn from these missions-active churches? Practical recommendations are offered to strengthen the missions ministry of any church.

Missions Trips for Success

A 30-minute presentation designed to reduce the fears and cultural shock for first-timers preparing to visit the mission field.

The Blessings of Faith-Promise to Your Church

A 40-minute presentation describing the faith-promise plan for funding missions and how can dramatically impact the missions ministry of a local church.

Developing a Giving Church

A 1-hour basic stewardship seminar designed to increase local church giving.