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Dear faithful partner in ministry, Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us, “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” We want to inform you that Christina Acosta's service as the Co-Director for Latino Ministries for the Churches of God, General Conference will conclude on December 31. We are profoundly grateful for her faithful years of service over the past thirteen years. As you may recall, Christina and her husband, Caleb, served as Co-Directors for Latino Ministries since 2010. Caleb stepped down from his role in April 2023 to pursue other opportunities and Christina continued to serve alongside Pastor Victor Montalvo over the past several months as he stepped into the vacant Co-Director role. Christina and Caleb founded the Sanidad Divina Church in Columbia, PA in 2009. But they didn’t stop at just one church. Through their leadership and God’s favor, the Churches of God now have congregations in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina. God greatly blessed their work in Latino Ministries over the years and as this season of ministry draws to a close, we wanted to celebrate their faithfulness and express our gratitude to them both. Join us in asking for God’s richest blessings on Christina’s next season of ministry alongside Caleb. As a result, this means we will no longer have a need for gifts made out for Christina’s support - GR2764. If you want to continue to support the work of Latino Ministries with the Churches of God, we’d encourage you to consider supporting GR2755 – Victor and Alma Montalvo or another one of the Latino Ministries’ fields. We are grateful for your faithful support of Caleb and Christina as you’ve partnered in their ministry over the years.

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