Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic mission was launched in April 2010 through the influence of Pastors Caleb & Christina Acosta. Teams from the USA and Venezuela partnered with outreach in the spring of that year. Latino USA churches continue to provide financial support and encouragement to this new work. Since then, four churches have been established in Hato Mayor and Mango Limpio, and Pastors Fremio & Evelin Jimenez were appointed as field directors to oversee ministry growth and church planting. The two churches reported in 2020 that there were 113 attendees and 6 baptisms.

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GR 2835 Dominican Republic Ministries

Dominican Republic Church Planting and Outreach (GR 2835) provides support for establishing new churches and leadership development costs. Our Field Directors also rely on these funds for transportation costs necessary for training and encouraging new leaders.

GR 2840 Dominican Republic Field Leader Support

Support for national leadership.

GR 2841 Dominican Republic Special Projects

Support for temporary projects such as construction and vehicle purchases.

GR 2842 Dominican Republic Education

Funds for schools and scholarships.

GR 2843 Dominican Republic Partnering Fund

Helps cover costs associated with maintenance, security, and transportation.

Dominican Republic Photo Gallery

Pictures from the mission field.

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