In June 2008, a group of churches in the Embu area, which had formally requested affiliation with the CGGC, were granted "provisional status" while they became organized. In 2012 we extended our partnership, recognizing the VOGM as our CGGC mission field in Kenya.

Today there are 14 churches and preaching centers organized as "Voice of the Gospel Ministry" with 637 in worship. Other ministries include an elementary school and pastoral training classes through the Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Joseph Mwaura serves as field director and missionary assistants are being sought to help with leadership training and development.

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GR 2831 Kenya Ministries

Assist in providing leadership training to pastors and outreach to the unreached communities in Kenya. This program also helps with a micro-loan ministry which brings the Gospel message to business owners by helping them get on their feet and build financial independence.

GR 2832 Kenya Special Projects

Special projects including a dispensary, aquaponics program, and ministry center.

GR 2833 Kenya Field Leader Support
GR 2837 Kenya Education

Donating to this fund allows impoverished families to send their child(ren) to school when they couldn't afford to otherwise.

GR 2838 Kenya Partnering Fund

Helps cover costs associated with maintenance, security, and transportation.

GR 2849 Kenya Liaison

To support the work of God in the VOGM-Kenya by connecting with the Field Director about needs, by contributing to the quarterly newsletter, by speaking/preaching at churches, by leading teams such as: ACTS, WTS teaching teams, Local church or district teams 

The primary function of this position is to lead teams from the US to Kenya. Because we have no host families to provide cultural training, housing, or care during a short-term mission trip, the part-time missionary to Kenya will provide those needs. 

Kenya Photo Gallery

Pictures from the mission field.

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