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Pastor Dave & Kenda Kapaku arrived on Maui in August 2003 to launch a church planting ministry in Dave’s homeland. Their desire to reach native Hawaiians led to a greater appreciation of the history and culture of the people they had come to serve.

In 2005, they relocated to the Honokohau Valley on the northwest part of the island. Here they are are reaching out to the Hawaiian people with a Christ-centered message that honors their heritage.

The Kapakus continue their discipleship ministry in Honokohau among native Hawaiians. They also provide leadership for revitalizing Kahanna Door of Faith church in West Maui.

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GR 2754 Pastor Dave & Kenda Kapaku Support (Maui, Hawaii)

Partner with Dave and Kenda Kapaku who minister to native people on the island of Maui. Dave pastors the Kahana Door of Faith Church and leads a discipleship ministry in the Honokohau Valley.

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