The first CGGC church in Maracay was planted by Caleb & Christina Acosta in 2006. Their conference was officially recognized in 2011. In 2015, Pastors Liarxi & Mara Alcala were recruited to serve as field directors to focus on ministry growth and church planting. Today there are 10 churches in and around the cities of San Juan de Los Morros and Calobozo. These churches reported 1042 in worship, 137 baptisms in 2020. The Venezuelan church has joined with USA Latino Ministries to assist outreach efforts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Argentina.

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GR 2834 Venezuela Ministries

Your contributions to this program help with church planting, outreach, and pastoral leadership training. Be a part of what God is doing in Venezuela by donating to this fund.

GR 2870 Venezuela Field Leader Support

Support for national leadership.

GR 2871 Venezuela Special Projects

Support for temporary projects/needs such as construction and vehicle purchases.

GR 2872 Venezuela Education

Funds for schools and scholarships.

GR 2873 Venezuela Partnering Fund

Helps cover costs associated with maintenance, security, and transportation.

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Pictures from the mission field.

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