Mobilizing Helps

Myers Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI): You have been uniquely designed by God and nurtured by your environment and circumstances.  MBTI is a great tool for Self-Understanding and Development, Organizational Development, Team Building, Management and Leadership Training.  We have resources available to help use that uniqueness for Kingdom impact.

Table Talks: TT1-TT4 These talks are designed to  help churches move from survival thinking and acting to growth/multiplication thinking and acting.  It moves through 4 stages.

TT1 Explore begins with tools for self-assessment and discussions around, why change is so difficult.  Other paradigms are presented.

TT2 Experiment looks at a shift into ‘growth’ thinking and over-coming the effects of inertial and friction.  Included is a look at the ‘Seven Shifts’ in focus and behavior and what the results could be.

TT3 Engage helps a group to consider how to move further beyond themselves, and into Life-on-Mission.  Offers practical exercises in Kingdom-thinking and behaviors.  Looks at the power of Networking.  Begins a ‘peek’ into APEST from Ephesians 4

TT4 Equipping for the ‘Big Picture’.  Lays foundation for making the Great Commission doable.  Helps to dig deeper into APEST in both understanding and applications.  Offers thoughts about Networking at least 3 levels deep and an exercise in what that looks like.