Share the Blessing #2 Van for Gamerco/Southwest

Van for Gamerco and the Southwest  

The Southwest, including Hooghan Nizhoni Church and Gamerco Church have rapidly become the place where a majority of our mission trips happen. Their ease of access within the United States makes them an ideal place for short term mission trips and ACTS teams to go. To facilitate the ministry there, our pastors utilize a van for picking up ACTS teams and other work trip missions from airports, traveling to work areas, and mission work like fixing houses and updating community playgrounds. This van has fallen into disrepair and should only be used locally. A new 12-15 passenger van is needed to continue the good work that we do in the Southwest $45,000 will be sufficient for purchasing a van that can meet these needs, so our leaders in the Southwest can continue to facilitate the multiple ACTS teams and work trips that arrive in the Southwest each year.